Who is Irene?

With more than 430k followers on Instagram and 170k followers on Twitter, Irene is a popular social media icon and the queen of our DAO. By creating her own NFT collection, IreneDAO, she set out to prove that online creators could get paid directly for their content. They wouldn’t need to release free content on social media platforms and hope to get sponsorship deals.

What is this?

A decentralized autonomous organization that focuses on revolutionizing the creator economy with simp to earn, empowering the mankind by utilizing web3 tools, making meaningful donations to help our children and women in need, supporting minorities and women-led projects, leading with example as IreneDAO is the pioneer of all creator DAOs.

How can I participate?

As easy as purchasing an IreneDAO NFT, being active in our discord and voting in DAO proposals through https://snapshot.org/#/0xirenedao.eth

Info about IreneDAO NFT Collection?

Supply: 1107
Mint: Free
Launch Date: Jan. 14, 2022
OpenSea: https://opensea.io/collection/irenedao
Royalties: 5%

Where do funds go?

All proceeds are used towards charitable donations, growing treasury and running the DAO. Over $100k has been donated to non-profit organizations to fight against children abuse.

What is SO-COL?

SO-COL is a web3 company that Irene Zhao and Benjamin Tang founded. IreneDAO was created by SO-COL as a ‘proof of concept’ as the first creator fan community.